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Airworthiness services

Rely on airworthiness and certification

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AMM Europe goes great lengths in making sure your airplane is airworthy and certified at all times. Our motto is 'We're at your service and so is your jet.'

Maintenance Documentation Analysis

AMM Europe provides full Maintenance Documentation Analysis, during which all Maintenance records will be check for compliance to its required FAA or EASA (Part-M) regulations. This to ensure the respective aircraft is fully compliant and always ready and safe to operate. AMM Europe services include introduction to aircraft owners and business aviation start-ups, maintenance repair organizations (MROs) and continuing airworthiness management organizations (CAMO) through the approval process. AMM Europe can provide full Continuing Airworthiness Management services which facilitates the recording of all operations and maintenance events in accordance with EASA Part M Subpart G requirements.

Maintenance Planning & Handling

Your aircraft will require scheduled and unscheduled Maintenance Services during its operation, even when it is parked for a longer period of time. To take the burden of the shoulders of the Business Aircraft Owner / Operator, as an experienced FAA and EASA Aircraft Management organization, AMM Europe provides full Maintenance Planning and Handling services, in which we will take care of timely scheduling and performance of all scheduled , unscheduled and parking/preservation Maintenance to your asset.

Advice offered by AMM Europe can be tailor-made to customer needs to help clients ensure regulatory compliance while keeping organizational and business objectives in focus.

Customized Maintenance Programs (MSG-3)

For Maintenance Cost reduction purposes AMM Europe will be able to design Customized Maintenance Programs (MSG-3 philosophy) for a large number of Business Aircraft, including a Bridge-in Program.

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