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Direct Maintenance Cost Survey

Keeping a keen eye on your costs

...is the best way to start reducing them

Have you, as an aircraft owner or operator, ever found yourself:

  • looking for a way to reduce your overall Direct Maintenance Cost (DMC)?
  • wondering if the Maintenance performed by your Service Center was really necessary?
  • wondering if your Maintenance Cost could be reduced without ANY consensus to Safety?
  • having second thoughts on the Final Invoice received from your Maintenance Center?

Getting a better grip on your expenses

AMM Europe's DMC surveys show if the expenses made on keeping your aircraft in compliance with the (FAA/EASA) approved Maintenance Program, were necessary and performed cost effective. A basic one day on-site survey will consist of a review of the maintenance documentation (all maintenance performed over the past 12 months), related cost charged, and an interview with the owner/operator and/or maintenance planner.


As an independent Aircraft Maintenance Management organization we offer our 26 years of experience and knowledge of the MRO market to you, answering to all these issues that may not have been clear to you for a while.

'Gonna make you an offer you can't refuse'

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