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Aircraft acquisition

The right aircraft at the right price

AMM Europe's Aircraft Acquisition Analysis delivers on that promise

A well designed plan will show a potential buyer a clearly defined analytical process. This process must show that the recommended aircraft, modification, or upgrades and the associated acquisition and implementation schedule is the lowest cost alternative capable of accomplishing the assigned mission.

Analyzing needs and requirements

To accomplish this, our Aircraft Acquisition Analysis consist of the following details:

  • Differentiate between "must have" and "nice to have" requirements.
  • Identify the aircraft best able to meet the technical requirements.
  • Balance acquisition cost with operating cost for the greatest benefit with the lowest investment.

Weighing needs and possibilities

To determine the best possible fit - in relation to the available budget and needs - we make analysis of:

  • Current situation and needs
  • Key mission and evaluation parameters
  • Technical analysis and ranking
  • Fleet size required
  • Financial alternatives
  • Financial analysis and ranking

Make the match!

The research conclusions come together in a detailed firm Aircraft Acquisition Plan, providing a strong recommendation for an aircraft (type) most suitable to your personal transportation needs.

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