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FAA Airworthiness Regulations (FAR) and EU Regulation 2042/2003 Annex I (Part-M) drives the requirement for Business Aircraft Owners/Operators to provide continuing airworthiness of their business aircraft. In the case of large aircraft not engaged in commercial air transport owners must ensure that tasks associated with continuing airworthiness are performed by an approved Part-M subpart G Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO).


AMM Europe is in an ideal position to offer this service because not only do we accommodate the appropriate FAA and EASA required services, we also provide the customer with a comprehensive service from inception to completion, priding ourselves on our timely and professional service.


We aim to accomplish records audits taking into account at least the following:

  • AD Status and dirty finger prints
  • SB status and dirty finger prints
  • HT Components and Serviceable tags
  • OC Components and Serviceable tags
  • Engine Disc sheet and full Trace / Serviceable tags
  • QEC and Component status for Engines
  • Gear LLP Status and full trace
  • Last done next due MPD Status incl SI, CPCP, AWL, ETOPS, etc
  • Current Repair mapping / Dent Buckle mapping and approvals Dirty Finger Prints incl RAS and 8100
  • STC and Mods including all paperwork and packages to track CAR
  • Statements Accident Incident, etc.
  • Aircraft Status
  • Readiness log and detail spec
  • Manuals AFM, CMM, MPD, etc.
  • Interior detail spec if available for replacing interior coverings, etc.
  • All historical records boxed and inventory
  • Burn Certificates for all materials seat covers, cushions, tedlars, etc.
  • LOPA Emergency Equipment Layout
  • Old Log books current Log Books
  • Certificates C of A CRS C of R, etc.

level of expertise in aircraft types

  • Fokker Fo28, Fo50, Fo70 & Fo100
  • Boeing 737NG
  • Gulfstream 200
  • Dassault Falcon 20, 900 (Ex) & 2000 (Ex)
  • Cessna Citation CJ1, CJ2, CJ3, XL(S)
  • Raytheon Beechcraft 400A
  • Cessna 510 Mustang
  • Eclipse 500
  • Saab 340B
  • Piaggio II P180

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