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AMM Training

Your people are your most valuable tool

Investing in their skills is a smart thing to do

AMM Europe is a knowledge based organization providing training for both new aircraft owners as well as established maintenance providers. We offer excellent training programs and share knowledge to support and improve your operation.

New Aircraft type introduction

Prepare your team for new winds

For every new aircraft type a solid based introduction is key. As the owner/operator you want to be sure that your organization is well prepared for the new arrival and ready to tackle every challenge in the way. You just want to be able to get the most out of the operation on cost as well as availability and dispatch reliability.


AMM Europe provides your team with the knowledge and skills to get it done!

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Maintenance Program introduction

Learn how to set up your own AMP

For each aircraft operating in a commercial environment, an Aircraft Maintenance Program (AMP) is paramount. To be able to setup such an AMP specific knowledge and skills are required. That's where you meet AMM Europe. This introduction training will prepare, instruct and train you and your team members.


Learn how to set up your own specific AMP for the aircraft type operated in a commercial or non-commercial operation.

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Maintenance Management introduction

All there is to know to the manager in charge

Maintenance Managers look after aircrafts when it comes to Maintenance standard and quality. But what do they need to know, what should be in their scope of attention? Who to communicate with, when and how? Who should be informed when, and why? Questions to be answered during this introduction to Maintenance Management.

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Customized Company training programs

Everybody's special

There are as many requirements as there are owners and operators. If you feel that your specific needs are not covered by any of the general available training programs, please feel free to contact us. We will sit down with you and define a program based on your specific needs, resulting is a Customized Company training program aimed at the increased safety and availability of your aircraft or fleet.

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