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Aircraft pre-purchase services

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AMM Europe is uniquely placed to source aircraft for both lease and purchase. As experts we gladly assist the business aircraft owner/operator in selection and reviewing of available aircraft.

Examining the aircraft

When you as an business aircraft owner/operator have selected an aircraft for purchase or lease, AMM Europe is capable of providing its experience and expertise to carry out a pre-delivery inspection on your behalf.

AMM Europe sends an appropriately experienced and skilled (type approved) engineer to perform a review of the aircraft together with a review of the technical records associated with the aircraft. The review is presented to the highest standard required under ARC Review specification.

Our detailed report tells you all about your planned purchase

The detailed report offers an insight into the compliance status of the aircraft with airworthiness requirements and general operational standards. This report will also offer a summary which can be used to identify any shortfalls and discuss and plan remedial action. This will assist the business aircraft owner/operator when negotiating the aircraft purchase or lease.

We'll stay on top of it until perfect delivery

AMM Europe will maintain a PRS (Problem Resolution Sheet) to ensure that the current owner/lessor carries out the necessary corrective actions to ensure the aircraft meets delivery conditions as contained within the contract. AMM Europe will then meet with the lessor to discuss the delivery program and establish any modifications required by the business aircraft owner/operator prior to the aircraft entering service.

During the delivery process AMM Europe performs an on-site review of the aircraft records for final compliance with Lease Delivery Conditions (if required) and Airworthiness Regulatory Requirements. The findings of the pre-delivery inspection will be used by AMM Europe representatives to close out discrepancies previously raised.

AMM Europe manages and negotiates on behalf of the business aircraft owner/operator as to the content of acceptable discrepancies contained within the contract.

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