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Eclipse 500 FOR SALE!

Ever wanted to own a private jet?

Here’s your chance at the Eclipse 500

While the other kids dreamed about being a pilot, you knew you where going to be the VIP they fly around. And today your dream comes true.

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You don’t want to get stuck in Minsk

AMM Europe, a life hacker for jet owners

Your jet takes you all over the world. And back again. If you have well taken care of it at a regular base, that is.

AMM Europe offers maintenance services worldwide. Whether you're in Boston for business or on Fiji for fun, we make sure you can always take off for your next destination.

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AMM In Company Training very time efficient

Sending your engineers back to school makes no one happy. It's also time and money consuming. Enhancing skills right on the work spot cuts both ways. Or should we say 'three ways'?

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